Our Mission:

Unite & Empower

Our mission is to unite the community in empowering students to succeed in school and in life.

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Our Mission

Student Success Alliance is a local non-profit organization with a proven track record of keeping students in school and on the path to graduation. We work hand-in-hand with Walton County Public Schools and Social Circle City Schools to connect community resources to families and kids based on the school-wide needs and drop-out risk factors at assessed at each 12 school sites.

Our mission is to unite the community in empowering students to succeed in school and in life.


Our Impact

In 2018, schools across Walton County posted the highest graduation rates in their history, increasing more than 25 points since 2003. The efforts of students, teachers, parents, administrators and school board members are to be commended for this extraordinary achievement.

Community leaders now must also accept their responsibility in helping this trend continue, because even at this historic rate, nearly one of every five students who enters the 9th grade in Walton County does not graduate with his or her class four years later. The economic impact of the drop-out crisis locally is more than $33 million per year. That’s the equivalent of the closing of a manufacturing plant that employs 90 people - every year.


Programs and services

Many students still need extra support in basic needs, college access, workforce preparation, motivation, attendance and discipline.  That's where SSA comes in with school-wide programs and one-to-one support to help students take full advantage of their educational opportunities.



Years serving our community

Schools can’t do it alone. Student Success Alliance partners with the local school districts to implement many innovative programs that help students succeed.



2019 Graduates

with a $49 Million dollar impact on our local economy.


Our Programs

Each Site Coordinator conducts an annual needs assessment to determine what programs and services would best benefit their school. Key initiatives include attendance, success motivation, student leadership, life skills, workforce preparation, career exploration, college access and basic needs such as food, clothing, medical, dental and vision support.


Basic Needs

We provide students with the basic needs to be able to get to school, in class and ready to succeed. We partner with local non-profits, businesses and the community to provide things like food, school supplies, school appropriate clothing, Medical, Dental and Vision support to our students.


success motivation

Our Site Coordinators work one-on-one with students providing services and encouragement to help them reach their goals, achieve academically and eventually earn a high school diploma.



Chronic absence (missing 10% or more of school days, excused or not) presents academic challenges that can result in failing subjects and even dropping out of high school. Many of our Site Coordinators serve on Attendance committees at their schools as well as monitor their caseload students’ attendance.


Workforce preparation

The Walton Works Initiative recognizes the workforce challenges in our community and is a partnership among our school systems, Student Success Alliance, Development Authority of Walton County and other organizations to strengthen our local workforce through a variety of programs (Industry Tours, Soft Skills Workshops and Local Business Speakers).

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